HR Consulting Services

Leveraging over twenty years in human resources, corporate and consulting roles, JC Max Consulting offers the following HR Solutions and consulting services:

Talent Acquisition/Recruiting
Whether you are a start-up looking to make your first hire or a Fortune 500 company looking for your next executive, we have a solution for you. Consider us your headhunter, sourcer, talent scout and recruiter all rolled into one.  Our strategy is to get to know your business, understand what the best fit looks like, develop a sourcing/recruiting strategy and find you the talent.

Diversity Strategies
Whether you are beginning, growing or maximizing your diversity program and strategy, we can partner with you to assess and determine the best approach to create a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy and to engage executives and key stakeholders to facilitate organizational change. 

Leadership Development
Once you have the right people in the right place at the right time, ensuring they are prepared to launch is essential to your business success.  Specializing in both group and individual leadership training, JC Max can help you get your new hires on-boarded, integrated and engaged. 

Strategic HR Planning 
We engage and partner with key stakeholders across the organization to plan, develop and execute HR strategies to achieve goals and deliver results.  An integral piece of this process is inspiring senior leadership to lead organizational change while continuously improving systems, processes and solutions.

Succession Planning 
Understanding bench strength and having a plan as to who will succeed key leaders can be one of the most confusing projects undertaken by business leaders.  JC Max can help clarify and simplify the process. 

Outplacement Services
In a healthy organization employees either move up or move on. When it is time to create an exit strategy, JC Max can serve as a guide through the exit and subsequent job search process.  Outplacement services can be contracted by companies or individuals and include job search strategy creation, execution and monitoring.  The job market today is a challenging to navigate. Getting the right help is essential to success.

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